IntrinsicFX FreeFrames on a PC

Note that current products at are PC only, and CPU based technology, yet there is hope for Mac versions and new Mac releases potentially. The FreeFrame standard is currently 32bit, which will also run on 64bit systems, but some applications that are true 64bit code might not support these. Please make sure you find an application that supports the format of the plugins to use, and if your application doesn't, take note of this before purchase so you do not purchase something you can not use in your application.

This is an  introduction to how to use FreeFrames in assorted applications on a PC or in a system of computers that are fully or partially Windows based.

Many of the most known VJ applications run FFGL and FF1.0 plugins, some are limited to FFGL only (GPU processing only) and some are limited to FF1.0 support only (CPU processing).

The format consists of DLL files and some have extra assets, yet none of the IntrinsicFX ones have this, all that is needed is the DLL file of a plugin, and knowing where to place it in the application you will be using it in. In addition new releases are compiled with vectorization and multiprocessor support for newer Intel CPUs and are vastly improved in speed, yet they require an extra DLL which you can find here (to come).

Here are some popular applications and how to use the plugin(s) in these: