FreeFrame Print


Print Quality

What if you had an application that could process large, like 20k x 20k resolution images, decide what chunk size and run FreeFrame processing on the chunks? Controlling parameters by the color or brightness of the input chunks average, or size or other factors. This is for print, larger scale print for exhibitions for some sort of new market for quality print. I did a test run with a photo of some motherboard, then scaled it up and ran it through freeframes. Imagine this on print, it has been a long standing idea I have had for my pencil art at too.





The idea is that in print when it turns microscopic too, it gives another alien character to the printed product.

Might be interesting to do something with this image processing library VIPS:

3D Print & Materials

What if you also had an application for generating textures, or texture formats, bump maps, displacement maps, lighting maps with FreeFrame processing of dedicated input data and chunkwise processing like above?

I have a collection of pencil and pen art that I would be interested in doing this with, might be something for other artists too. I might make this application, stay tuned.